CrossFit Fundamentals

Unless you are familiar with CrossFit movement patterns CrossFit Fundamentals is mandatory and will allow you to progress to CrossFit Classes. CrossFit Fundamentals consists of 4 x 1 hour private coaching sessions (1 on 1 or small group) which includes: Warm up, Movement patterns/technique, and a Workout.

These sessions are specifically designed to build your confidence, show you how to perform the various CrossFit exercises/movement patterns using correct technique and to improve your basic fitness level.

CrossFit Classes

After completion of CrossFit Fundamentals and depending on your membership choice you are welcome to attend any of our scheduled group classes.

Our CrossFit Classes are when the fun really begins and are the next step in your fitness journey. These classes are where you will find our primary CrossFit strength and conditioning program. The WODs are constantly varied and have a different focus each and every day.