1Q) Is there a minimum level of fitness required to do CrossFit?

A) All movements/workouts involved in CrossFit are scalable and our coaches will assist you with scaling so regardless of your age or fitness level you can participate and join the community.

2Q) I am trying to lose weight can CrossFit help?

A) Yes. Your health and overall fitness is our primary focus and weight loss is often a result. Given that the program is designed to improve your fitness across all recognised domains, combined with nutritional advice you will find your healthy weight.

3Q) What is a WOD?

A) A WOD is the workout of the day. An example may be:

3 Rounds

400m run

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pull Ups

4Q) What would a typical session involve?

A) Our sessions are always varied so expect the unexpected but a typical session would follow the basic format:

Warm up – let’s get the heart pumping

Gymnastic/Strength/Skills component – includes technique

Workout of the Day (WOD) –includes a variety of exercises and is predominantly a conditioning component

Mobility – let’s increase our flexibility

5Q) I am a 68 year old woman and am concerned about my fitness as I'm getting older. Would CrossFit help me maintain my strength and mobility?

A) Yes. All workouts are designed to be scalable to your fitness level. Given all the movements are related to everyday activities you will improve your strength, mobility and ultimately your quality of life. For example, lifting light weights off the ground simulates you lifting some groceries or even a grandchild.

6Q) As a serious triathlete, how would CrossFit help me improve my competitiveness?

A) Of course we can program another workout specific to your endurance sport to supplement the WOD. The CrossFit program focuses on anaerobic training which research has shown to decrease body fat as well as increase muscle mass, speed, power, strength, anaerobic capacity, cardiovascular function and testosterone levels. Time, burnout, plateaus and injury are associated with high volume training and something we prefer our endurance athletes to avoid, hence improving your competitiveness.

7Q) I am recovering from a knee injury and have been advised to increase my leg strength. How can Crossfit assist with my rehabilitation?

A) We can work with you and your physio to create an individualised program that incorporates functional movements through a full range of motion with emphasis on the correct technique and body mechanics. We will cater to your specific injury and help you make a sustained recovery through exercises that are safe, progressive and effective.

8Q) How do the membership/fees work?

A) We have a variety of options on offer so please refer to our pricing page but there are:

No sign up fees

No cancellation fees